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FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba

FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba
FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba
FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba
FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba
FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba

FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba

Gift from Nature, FORGET ME NOT, Myosotis arvensis, FORGET ME NOT Herb Cut, Herbs for health, Potpourri herbs, Natural dried herbs, Natural therapy, Shop herbs. Our Herbs are wildcrafted harvested from Ecological clean regions and are grown without any human intervention. They are not treated and modified in any way and are FREE of ANY chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. ยป FIVE HERBS OF IMMORTALITY. > Herb (whole aerial part).

> Spice (whole aerial part). FORGET ME NOT Herb Cut. FORGET ME NOT Myosotis arvensis Forget Me Not Herb. Take advantage of the quantity discount. AVAILABLE PACKAGES AT OUR STORE. We always keep our Promise. FORGET ME NOT STEM, Botanical name: Myosotis arvensis is used as Medicinal Herbal remedy for Natural Healing in Home medicine, Homeopathic medicine and Naturopathic medicine. Never replace your regular medicine with a herbal medicine!

These are suggested for quick use and for mild symptoms until you can get to the doctor! Common Names: Common Forget-me-not Habitat: Over five hundred species names have been recorded, but there are only 74 accepted species. The rest are either synonyms of currently accepted names or suBNissions awaiting resolution. The genus is largely restricted to two discrete geographic centres: western Eurasia with about 60 confirmed species and New Zealand with around 40 confirmed species.

Very small numbers of species occur elsewhere including North America, South America, and Papua New Guinea Only those native to the Northern hemisphere are commonly called Forget-me-not. Plant Description: Annual or usually biennial, sometimes perennial herb. Slightly angular, hair usually growing upwards flush with stem.

Corolla blue, fused, funnel-shaped, 5-lobed, protuberances in throat of tube. Calyx fused, campanulate (bell-shaped), 5-lobed, lobes narrow; hairs at base spreading and hook-tipped, flush with calyx at tip, matted; calyx 3???

Long in fruiting stage, usually closed, falling with fruit. Stamens 5, filaments fused with calyx-tube. Inflorescence a scorpioid cyme, extending to become racemose; all flowers without subtending bracts. Flower-stalk hair almost flush with surface, after flowering approx. 2 times as long as calyx.

Leaves: Basal leaves stalked, stalk widely winged. Basal leaves usually withered by flowering time. Oblanceolate, with entire margin, both sides hairy. Mericarps egg-shaped, glossy, narrowly winged, initially yellowish brown, when ripe almost black, 1.5??? Plant Part/s Used Traditionally: The whole plant.

Packaging: Paper envelope PAP 22 / BS EN 26590-1 for nutritional purposes. Thus, the herbs are kept in the best possible way - no contact with light and moisture, with the ability to breathe through the paper. Just because herbs are'natural', it does not mean that they are safe for everyone to use. We cannot accept responsibility for any adverse effects which arise from self-medication.

Due to the pandemic all over the world delay in deliveries is possible. We have no any additional information and cannot answer questions such as:"Where is my parcel" and "When will I receive it". We highly appreciate your patience, understanding and support!

At first BEFORE FILE A CLAIM or LEAVE BAD FEEDBACK and we will solve the problem as always do. % of Items arrived in days. France, Spain, Italy & Israel. Australia, New Zealand, Far East & Africa. How to use it, Dosage and Preparations. If you do not agree with the above terms of business, please do not place an order with us!

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  • Item Weight: 1800g (63.5oz)
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Bulgaria
  • Department: Unisex
  • Main Purpose: Antioxidant Properties
  • Formulation: Bulk Herb
  • Administration: By prescription
  • Type: Herb
  • Features: Natural, Organic
  • Expiry Date: Oct-2023
  • When to Take: By prescription
  • Active Ingredients: Natural Ingredients
  • Body Area: Body
  • MPN: GFN01_17/0653
  • Type of Diet: Herbal
  • Ingredients: Myosotis arvensis
  • Brand: GIFT from NATURE
  • Dosage: By prescription
  • Scent: Herbal

FORGET ME NOT Herb Dried ORGANIC Bulk Tea, Myosotis arvensis Herba